Eliminate Dryness And Control Frizz With Our Luscious Defined Sheen


Luscious Defined Sheen is a lightweight spray that helps to eliminate frizz and dryness. It is in a 8 oz bottle that provides an instant humidity resistant, brilliant crystal clear shine for dull hair. The Defined Sheen can be used on different types and textures of hair. It does not need to be applied everyday, but can be used to put the luscious back in your hair. If you’re ready to try it, section your hair into workable sections, then rinse with warm water or shampoo lightly (if your hair has a lot of product in it from before, it’s recommended to shampoo once with a mild shampoo before oil rinsing). Coat strands with natural oil, smoothening through in a downward motion, then cover your head with a shower cap or wrap in cling film. Apply gentle heat with a blow dryer or hard hat dryer for five – ten minutes then rinse out with warm to hot water. Apply conditioner, smoothening it through the hair thoroughly, wait a few minutes and rinse out with cold water. Apply your Luscious Leave In Conditioner & Detangler and style as usual.

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