Our Luscious Spritz Protects Your Hair Without Hardening It


The key to maintaining your natural or virgin hair is to protect it with heat protectant and limit daily heat usage when styling with hot tools. Hot tools can burn your hair and create split ends if overused. Limit your flat iron/curling iron usage to 1-2 times a week.

Our Luscious Defined Spritz gives you a medium hold without that hard, crunchy feel and leaves no-buildup! It also provides heat protection to your hair to protect from it being burnt.

For bone straight styles,  hold the bottle about 5 inches away from hair and spray the Luscious Defined Spritz. Then flat iron the hair from root to tip of hair.

For tighter curls, spray Luscious Defined Spritz directly on the hair pieces, comb through and then wrap the hair around the barrel with your styling tool for about 10 seconds. Then release.

For looser curls, curl your hair first with your curling iron to the desired style. Then spray the Luscious Defined Spritz all over your hair for a long lasting style.

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